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Adventures With Papa


In 1988, I purchased a totaled  full-size Chevrolet K-5 Blazer, a 4X4 two-tone in dark gray and red. I really liked it. With regret, I flipped it and moved on. The years passed, and I continued to buy and repair distressed vehicles. Then one day I saw a 1990 GMC Jimmy for sale located in Sparks, Nevada. The paint was badly faded and starting to peel. However, the overall specifications appeared to be exactly what I was looking for . . .



—Good morning, Papa.

—Hey, what’s going on, son? 

—Do you remember the time Tommy and I drove with you back to Michigan in the Corvette you bought in Tennessee? The three of us squashed in a two-seater Corvette, and we had a blast!  Why not give Angelo and Sal that same opportunity?

—Do you think they would enjoy doing a cross-country trip with me? 

—Dad, they would love to do this with you! You guys would have so much fun. It will be something they will never forget!


DRIVE A Jimmy . . . FROM Nevada . . . WITH grandsons? That sounds like a road trip to me.

Praise for Adventures with papa

"For any parent or grandparent who values these memories with their children and grandchildren This book is wonderful, the memories in this book for Frank's grandsons are what will make them the men they will become in this life. The wisdom and the knowledge he passes on to his grandsons will mold them. The book is an inspiration to all grandparents and parents out there."

Evelyn Pacella

"What a wonderful family read. Quick & easy to follow and enjoy. Loved the personal details. Interesting to see the fun that came through on every page. Keep writing!"

- Jim D.

In The Palm of His Hand

Rocky grows up in his father’s shadow, wanting to be like his old man one day, but not knowing the true story behind his father’s associations. When Rocky discovers cash and drugs in his father’s Cadillac, he begins to question whether his father only delivers Stroh’s beer by truck. Rocky wants to know his father’s hidden source of income, but soon tragedy hits the family.

Still living in Detroit, Rocky works his way into a life of crime, following in his deceased father’s footsteps as a member of the Cacuzzo crime family. Determined to be smarter and richer than his father, Rocky begins beating the system as an adolescent. He opens an automotive chop shop while still in high school. Identifying himself as Sonny Rocco, he’s on the fast track to becoming a self-made man.

Rocky’s mother tries repeatedly to convince him to turn to God. Rocky mocks both his mom, Linda, and his young bother, Tulio. Tragedy hits home again when news comes about Tulio. Sorrow moves Linda to deepen her faith in Jesus and drives Rocky to question his life of crime.

Rocky uses his stash of money to buy a house in Miami for himself and his mother, and to set up a new life away from the shadow of the Cacuzzo syndicate. However, his beautiful new life with a new family is shattered when his past associates ask for one more favor. In one night, Rocky’s life is changed forever, leading him to seek redemption.

in the palm.jpg

Praise for "In The Palm of His Hand"

“An addictive family journey that dances along the fine line between Greed and Redemption . . . Underneath all that tomato sauce, you’ll find a true American timepiece that touches the soul!”
—Bill Sass, President, Bearolina Films

“Antonucci masterfully weaves the treads of good and evil within a multi-generational Sicilian immigrant family played out in the life of one man caught between two conflicting rules of law.”
—Joyce Chapin Hirsch, PhD—Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry, Comparative Medicine, and Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine

“Lively story, reminiscent of growing up as an Italian immigrant in Detroit in the sixties, that weaves in the powerful message of God’s love and redemption for ALL.”

—Dr. Kathleen Szuminski—Assistant Superintendent,
Eaton Regional Education Service Agency

Being "Cool" In A Hands On World

Francis “Mr. A.” Joseph Antonucci admits that he was a difficult student. At the age of four, he was placed in school before he was emotionally mature enough to deal with the social and academic pressures. It made him hate his school days and the difficulties he had socializing with his peers.


At this point, Antonucci decided it wasn’t worth trying. Instead of working with the system, he fought against it. He got very good at finding the weak points in the system and exploiting them. Why care about school? How could it help him succeed at life?


Now, Antonucci, dubbed Mr. A. by his devoted students, has a much different perspective on the issue. After an accident ended his first career, Antonucci discovered a gift for mentoring troubled students. He was able to use his experiences to reach out to kids just like him, who felt like the system had given up on them and all they could do was return the favor. Antonucci showed them how important school could be and set them up for success long after graduation.


In this heartwarming memoir, Antonucci celebrates his students and the challenges they overcame to accomplish their goals.

Praise for "Being Cool"

"I got to read it first, though. He is so brutally honest about his struggles, his mistakes and his growth as a husband, a teacher, and a fight to come back from an injury. Underneath it all is a kind, hard working and totally dedicated person. You laugh and you cry with him as he goes from a little kid to a wonderful and caring teacher and mentor for so many students. If even half of our educators and the administration gave his type of leadership, we would be so lucky and blessed. Have to now admit, my husband met him years ago by bringing some show cars to the Career Prep Center for his students to see and he spoke very highly of Mr. A. I saw a post on a Facebook page I follow about the book and had to get it for him. Now I cannot wait to get it signed and tell him that I wish my sons had had such a great teacher!"

 - AZ to MI

"I was a student of Mr.A's, I was class of 1982. I continued to be part of his family's life after graduating high school and the Prep Center. Today, I am a Hybrid Testing Technician for General Motors. I give to the company I love the same work ethic I learned and gained as when I was his student. I was always a car nut too, however, I ended up choosing the mechanical part of the automobile as my career path. That provided many opportunities to be part of the cars that were entered in "Autorama! Thank You Frank and Chris for your endless hours of being YOU! I received the book on Thursday and could not put it down, just before I added my comment, I completed reading his story 24 hours later. BRAVO!!! A well read piece of literature, I'm sure all that read will feel part of the story even if you had never met Frank. He makes you feel belonged! A+"

 - Michael Billion

"Words matter whether its you saying them or you hearing them, the words Frank heard his father say on his death bed or the words his algebra teacher told him, words Frank used addressing his Auto Body class all had an impact on Frank's life. From his first jobs as a Detroit News Paper carrier and fixing the neighbors bicycles and wagons to his love for anything automotive these were the foundation for what Franks life work would be.
This is the story of someone the school system labeled as an underachiever, the C group or referred to as those kids. Through perseverance and heard work Frank became a gifted educator and administrator at the highest level. This is a heart warming story as told by the man who lived it. Frank Antonucci went from a C student to the man his students respectfully called Mr. A. There is something of value in this book for students, parents and teachers."

Douglas Broquet

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May 05

Frank, Thank you for your wonderful autographed book about your road trip with your grandsons Sal and Jojo. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures, your teachings, and the examples you set as a parent and grandparent. I am envious. I wish I had spent more time with our grandkids. We still have our annual reunions and we're very close but there's nothing like that one-on-one bonding experience. Pat and I have a combined four grandsons and three granddaughters. After reading your book, I hope to give them more personal attention. You are very inspirational. My Dad was a lot like you and I really loved and respected my Dad. Thanks again my friend and we look forward to seeing you and Christine again. Sincerely, Raul

May 27
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Thank you for your review

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