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In 1988, I purchased a totaled  full-size Chevrolet K-5 Blazer, a 4X4 two-tone in dark gray and red. I really liked it.  I restored it,  sold it and moved on. The years passed, and I continued to buy and repair distressed vehicles. Then one day I saw a 1990 GMC Jimmy for sale located in Sparks, Nevada. The paint was badly faded and starting to peel. However, the overall specifications appeared to be exactly what I was looking for . . .



—Good morning, Papa.

—Hey, what’s going on, son? 

—Do you remember the time Tommy and I drove with you back to 
   Michigan in the Corvette you bought in Tennessee? The three of 
   us squashed in a two-seater Corvette, and we had a blast!  Why 
   not give Angelo and Sal that same opportunity?

—Do you think they would enjoy doing a cross-country trip with me? 

—Dad, they would love to do this with you! You guys would have so 
   much fun. It will be something they will never forget!


DRIVE A Jimmy . . . FROM Nevada . . . WITH grandsons? That sounds like a road trip to me!

Adventures with Papa

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