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Francis “Mr. A.” Joseph Antonucci admits that he was a difficult student. At the age of four, he was placed in school before he was emotionally mature enough to deal with the social and academic pressures. It made him hate his school days and the difficulties he had socializing with his peers.

At this point, Antonucci decided it wasn’t worth trying. Instead of working with the system, he fought against it. He got very good at finding the weak points in the system and exploiting them. Why care about school? How could it help him succeed at life?


Now, Antonucci, dubbed Mr. A. by his devoted students, has a much different perspective on the issue. After an accident ended his first career, Antonucci discovered a gift for mentoring troubled students. He was able to use his experiences to reach out to kids just like him, who felt like the system had given up on them and all they could do was return the favor. Antonucci showed them how important school could be and set them up for success long after graduation.


In this heartwarming memoir, Antonucci celebrates his students and the challenges they overcame to accomplish their goal

Being "Cool" In A Hands-On World

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