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Rocky grows up in his father’s shadow, wanting to be like his old man one day, but not knowing the true story behind his father’s associations. When Rocky discovers cash and drugs in his father’s Cadillac, he begins to question whether his father only delivers Stroh’s beer by truck. Rocky wants to know his father’s hidden source of income, but soon tragedy hits the family.


Still living in Detroit, Rocky works his way into a life of crime, following in his deceased father’s footsteps as a member of the Cacuzzo crime family. Determined to be smarter and richer than his father, Rocky begins beating the system as an adolescent. He opens an automotive chop shop while still in high school. Identifying himself as Sonny Rocco, he’s on the fast track to becoming a self-made man.


Rocky’s mother tries repeatedly to convince him to turn to God. Rocky mocks both his mom, Linda, and his young bother, Tulio. Tragedy hits home again when news comes about Tulio. Sorrow moves Linda to deepen her faith in Jesus and drives Rocky to question his life of crime.

Rocky uses his stash of money to buy a house in Miami for himself and his mother, and to set up a new life away from the shadow of the Cacuzzo syndicate. However, his beautiful new life with a new family is shattered when his past associates ask for one more favor. In one night, Rocky’s life is changed forever, leading him to seek redemption.

In The Palm of His Hand: The Redemption of Sonny Rocco

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