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Frank J Antonucci


Frank J Antonucci is an American author, body shop mechanic, teacher, and retired high-school Principal from Detroit, Michigan.  He was bestowed the moniker "Mr. A," by students who had difficulty pronouncing his surname.  He began teaching auto-body repair at Warren Consolidated Schools in 1975.  Recognizing himself in his students, he developed a passion not only for teaching, but also mentoring young people, many who were troubled, into productive members of society, and the best versions of themselves as well.  ​

Frank has been married to his wife Christine, since 1971.  They have three children, two daughter in-laws, and five grand children.  He belongs to a hot-rod club based in Detroit, where he continues to enjoy working with his hands.   He is very active in his church, where together with a team of other retirees, he participates in a youth ministry program that helps prepare teens to be successful in the real world as adults.  He has dedicated his life to God, his family, and his students. 

Frank continues to accept speaking engagements and is currently working on another novel. 


Frank is available for motivational speaking.  For any media inquiries, interviews, speaking engagements or questions, please contact him at

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